Teresa Baxter, who is of Hawaiian descent like Lilo, is one of Mertle's best friends and Lilo's rivals. She usually travels in a group with her leader Mertle and the other two girls, and seldom say anything other than a sarcastic "Yeah!" in unison with her friends when agreeing with whatever mean thing Mertle has just said about Lilo. It is often hinted that she and the other two girls would probably actually like Lilo if Mertle didn't make them think that they didn't. She and the others have even ditched Mertle to hang out with Lilo for a while, like in the episodes "Tank" and "Shush", and they seemed to have enjoyed their time with Lilo on both occasions up until going right back to Mertle in the end.


Not much is known about her personality because her character was not focused on a whole lot. She obviously enjoys the art of hula dancing, since she attends a hula class along with her friends. While she is mostly mean towards Lilo and Stitch, she is also kind to them as well, usually when Myrtle is not present, so it's hard to tell whether she is a nice or mean person.

She is also a hopeless romantic come the fourth season because while Yuki has Douglas, Victoria has Danny, Mertle has James and Lilo has Keoni. She once dated Tombo but he was too out of her league, she even dated a kid in the episode "An Arnold By Any Other Name" who is voiced by Spencer Klein making it the first time they he and Francesca Marie Smith gotten together since the days of Hey Arnold where Klein played Arnold Shortman and Smith played Helga Pataki



If she isn't dressed in her hula dance outfit when performing or practicing hula dancing then she can be seen wearing a pair of dark purple flip-flop sandals and a pair of dark purple shorts. She also has a light purple short sleeved shirt and a wide light purple hair band in her long, dark brown wavy hair. Since she is the tallest she might be the oldest of the other four girls.

Family and Relatives

At the the very end of the episode "Wishy-Washy", there is picture of her with her parents just to show what they look like, but this is about all that is known about them. However her father and mother are featured on the series "Stitch and Experiments" where they are voiced by Vanessa Williams and Alfonso Riberio respectively.


5-7 (original series)

13-19 (Stitch and Experiments)

Voice Actor

Kali Whitehurst

Francesca Marie Smith


  • In Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch, Moses calls Teresa "Aleka" for some reason.
    • According to Jess Winfield, one of the executive producers of Lilo & Stitch: The Series, DisneyToon Studios (the producers of Lilo & Stitch 2) came up with their own names for the hula girls, despite that Winfield and his producers already came up with and revealed their names in the show itself. DisneyToon apparently decided not to correct their film to maintain continuity with the series, resulting in several continuity issues. When Moses called her "Aleka" Teresa said that Aleka is just her middle name.
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