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Vital statistics
Title experiment 383
Gender male
Race genetic experiment
Function {{{fuction}}}
Health normal
Level ...
Status good
Location hypnotizing people at parties.

Physical Appearance

Swirly is a small turquoise koala-like experiment with a huge head with an expressionless face with a little mouth, little nose, huge back eyes (with white swirling lines when using powers), rabbit-like ears, a single small antenna on the middle of his head and a huge furry slug-like tail.

Primary Function

Designed to hypnotize people to obey the first command they are given. This trance-like state is initialized through eye contact where swirly's eyes will begin to swirl in a hypnosis-type effect. The effected being will then stand motionless until given a command to obey.


To avoid the effects of 383, one must either avoid eye contact or possess some form of hypnosis proof goggles (later developed byJumba). To snap a person out of their trance once effected, a different invividual mus snap his or her fingers infront of the hypnotized being, and say "snap out of it".



Voiced by Sean Schemmel, It is currently unknown if 383 is capable of dialogue in any language since he possesed no lines in any of his appearances; only giving off small gasps and groans.

One True Place

He initially served as a form of entertainment through hypnosis acts at common parties. Though his one true place is hypnotizing women at bachelorette parties.


  •  He appears in the astroied where he was used to put a grouchy alien in a trance making enoth time for Lilo and Stitch put a hyper drive in the asdroid The effect can be undone by saying 'snap out of it' and snapping one's fingers.
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