Stitch, and Angel are sent to Cayman Islands where people have gone run away except the Mayor. The mad scientist Dr. Regi Becombo recreates a giant living slug-like fungus creature, a mutated prehistoric creatures (Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, Pteradactyl, Woolly Mammoth, and Smilodon), and a giant half-reptile, half-crustacean creature. To assist are Sinker, Digger, Richter, Finder, Sparky, Cannonball, Kixx, Holio, Hunkahunka, Amnesio, Yin, Yang, Splodyhead, Angel, Slushy, Melty and Slugger. Together, they make the new force called Team Time Travel. However, Hamsterviel has escaped from prison and joined forces with the mad doctor, forcing galactic officials Gantu and Rueben to "assist" Lilo and Stitch.


  • Grey Delisle as Angel, Stitch's love interest who is the best singer in the concert. Stitch have a crush on her. She wears a large green hat, vest jacket, a pale red long-sleeved shirt and skirt, and white go-go shoes.
  • Jeff Bennett as Dr. Regi Becombo, Jumba's old creation and the mad scientist who was mutating into a half-alien, half-reptile creature. He was similar to the Spider-Man villain The Lizard. His voice is an impression of Peter Lorre (in the style of Danny Mann) with a slight German tint.
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