• Stage 1; Stitch must follow the trail while getting creatures and obstacles in the spaceship, not the least of which are not one, but two ravenous ogre-like creatures, in order to reach the time machine that will allow him to pursue Leroy.
  • Stage 2; In future times, Stitch has to escape from guardian robots called "Cybots".
  • Stage 3; In medieval times, Leroy takes a moment to taunt Stitch as he battles griffins, and goblins.
  • Stage 4; In 1757, Stitch has to battle pirates, sea serpents, and sharks.
  • Stage 5; In prehistoric times, Leroy takes a moment to taunt Stitch as he battles pterodactyls, saber-toothed tigers, a T-rex, and two fire-breathing dragons that carry Angel away. As this happens, the tiny island they are on gradually crumbles into the sea.
  • Stage 6; At Leroy's lair, Angel becomes a gigantic, hideous monster when Stitch's evil twin puts the Demon Ring on her finger. Stitch must avoid the monstrous Angel's mindless attempts to devour him, get the ring off her finger, restore her to normal, and defeat Mordroc at the same time. In addition to the scene not in the arcade version, Stitch has to remove the ring from Angel and throw it at Leroy.
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