Stimar is an experiment created by Space Pirates using similar genetic blueprints to that of Stitch. It is because of this that Stimar does not have an official number.



Stimar is a red koala/dragon/lizard-like experiment with maroon claws and toes, antennae similar to Leroy, orange patches on his stomach, chest and around his eyes, a dark red nose, a long reptilian tail, and dark red markings on his back and tail. He has the face similar to Melty and he also has the crocodile-like teeth.

Special Abilities

Like Stitch, Stimar is able to mutate into a second form with four arms, two long antennae, and three spikes on his back. However, his eyes glow bright red, when doing so, and energy radiates off his body. He also has the ability to invisibility, electricity like Sparky (221), plasma shoot like Plasmoid (617), using elemental attacks, heat-beam blasts like Heat (609), fire breath, lava shoots, and ice breath. Stimar is also very physical, but also with plasma gun.

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