spooky in normal form

Physical appearance

Spooky is a green blob-like experiment with olive green eyes, a wide mouth and three round, short, stubby spikes on his back. greatly resembling the other Disney (and Halloween based) character Oogie Boogie.

Primary Function

Designed to scare people by morphing/shapeshifting in their worst horrifying fears.


The way you can tell it's him because unlike Morpholomew, when Spooky shapeshift he has glowing eyes (hissing green eyes as everyone calls it). To capure him, simply place him into a capture container when in the form of somebody's fear.


Lilo & Stitch: The Series: Season 1, Episode 7 (as the primary new cousin


Voiced by Charlie Schlatter he can communicate in perfect english, though he accents on the "s" making a hissing sound instead.

One True Place

His one true place is as a greeter for Trick-or-treaters during Halloween, and at an old house believed to be haunted during the rest of the year.


  •   Appears during a Halloween special


Creatures and animals that Spooky turned into

  • Cat (mouse's worst fear)
  • Snake (boy in a ghost costume's worst fear, but laughed)
  • Spider (Moses's worst fear)
  • Cobra Bubbles saying that he has to take Lilo away (Nani's worst fear)
  • Dogcatcher (dog's worst fear)
  • Floodwaters (Stitch's worst fear)
  • Pleakley's Mother (Pleakley's worst fear)
  • Bat (to escape)
  • Jumba's ex wife (Jumba's worst fear)
  • A Clown (Lilo's worst fear)
  • The Headless Lilo (Mertle, Teresa, Elena, and Yuki's worst fear)
  • Blob Monster
  • Asteroid (used in the episode "Asteroid" when Stitch was explaining to him about the asteroid striking)
  • Gantu (used in the episode Checkers when Reuben was explaining about overthrowing Gantu)
  • Spiked fruit (used in another episode to scare Gantu)
  • Dino-like creature (used in the final battle against Stitch)
  • Giant blob creature (normally used to talk with people)
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