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250px-619 Splodyhead.jpg
SplodyHead, as seen in Lilo & Stitch
Vital statistics
Title experiment 619
Gender Male
Race genetic experiment
Function firing fire blast at enemy
Health normal
Level ...
Status good
Location lighting tiki torches at the luau

He is designed to attack using fiery plasma blasts. His one true place is lighting tiki torches at the luau.

Physical Appearance

Splodyhead is a small red, six-legged reptilian dog-like experiment with a red-purple-striped horn on his head, brick-red markings on his forehead and back, short red-orange-tipped ears, blue eyes with red-purple spots around them and a hole-like nose .

Primary Function

Fires red, firey plasma blasts from his snout. designed to be relentless, spending endless hours at an elevated position, picking off the opposition one person at a time.


Get his nose wet and he is unable to fire any more plasma blasts making him vulnerable.


  1. Lilo & stitch: The Series: Season 1, Episode 11 (as the primary new cousin)
  2. Leroy and Stitch (at the stadium after being captured by Leroy)


Voiced by Frank Welker, he posseses a more groggy voice muffled by his large nose.

One True Place

Lighting decorative Tiki torches and David's spinning torches at the luau


  • He is activated when a bird kicks out of nest and lands in ocean.
  • He helped to fight Slushy with fire against ice.
  • He preferes to eat charred food