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Sparky, as seen in Lilo & Stitch
Vital statistics
Title experiment 221
Gender Male
Race genetic experiment
Function electrical power surge
Health presumaly electrifying
Level ...
Status good
Location Lighthouse

Sparky (Experiment 221) is a small short squat light yellow Chinese dragon/Chihuahua/monkey-like creature with skinny arms, legs, and body, a white belly, a short slightly twisted yet pointed tail sticking out behind it, a large narrow foot-shaped head with a wide blue mouth with large and flat teeth sticking out in his mouth beneath a round domed yellow nose, small ears on either sides of his head, massive dark blue shining eyes and long, forked antennae that protrude either side of his eyes. Sparky mutates into a stronger electricity, dragon like appearance. Sparky closely resembles a dragon when flying as well. He has a scratchy alien voice provided by veteran voice-actor Frank Welker.

sparky activated

Sparky's first appearance was in the film's sequel Stitch! The Movie and the proceeding television series. In Stitch! The Movie, he is the first of the original experiments to be activated (Before activation, all experiments are in pod form, excluding Stitch). He is activated by Lilo and Stitch so that they can help save Jumba, who has been kidnapped by Gantu. However, after being activated, he escapes from Lilo's home, and goes on a rampage throughout the town, shorting out any electrical appliances in sight. Soon, Lilo and Stitch manage to catch him, and convince him to be good. He helps out in saving Jumba, by shorting out Gantu's ship. Lilo decides that Experiment 221's one true place is at an abandoned lighthouse, where he can make the giant beacon light work again, and as it's big enough, he will not short it out when he touches it.

Just like Stitch, Lilo gives Experiment 221 a name of his own, Sparky. Later, he is captured and turned to evil by Angel, but she later reverses it and Sparky helps Stitch again. He also helps Lilo and Stitch rescue Angel, Slimy, Felix, Fibber, Fudgy, Plasmoid, Hammerface, Hunkahunka, Threasher, Heat, Zap, Tickle Tummy, Poxy, Nosy, and Tank with Clyde, Sample, Bonnie and Finder. In Leroy & Stitch, Sparky is kidnapped by Leroy, but is later freed and helps Stitch defeated Leroy. In Wrath of the Prehistoric Monsters, he and a few other experiments help Stitch and Lilo defeat the evil Dr. Becombo. Since he, Amnesio, Hunkahunka and Slugger can fly, they were used as surveyors to find out where Becombo would strike next.

In Stitch!, Sparky is controlled by Gantu and made to attack Stitch until lightning destroys the remote-controlled headband. In Stitch!, Sparky is voiced by Steven Jay Blum who also voices Felix.

In "Stitch and Experiments" Sparky is Stitch's closest friend and is often like a brother since he's the first experiment Lilo and Stitch captured and rehabilitated. He is voiced by Billy West.