277 Snooty
Vital statistics
Title experiment 277
Gender male
Race genetic experiment
Function designed to extract and enrich Snootonium
Health normal
Level ...
Status good
Location with Victoria
Experiment 277 (Snooty) is disgned to suck snotonium from anything and anyone. Snooty was first seen in the episode named Snooty where he attacked Victoria. He clinged to Stitch's face and sucked out all his snot there by knocking him out. Mistaking here sucked out Stitches blood Victoria left Lilo. Jumba said that he didn't suck out his blood, instead he sucked out his snot. The reason why Stitch was knocked out and became woozy from Snooty doing this was because Jumba made Stitch 62% snot. After seeing that he/she can be tamed Victoria was attacked by Snooty because of her allergies. Victoria asks Lilo if she can keep him/her so he/she can keep her synincess clear. Due to her being Lilo's friend Lilo allows her to keep Snooty. Snooty is captured by Leroy in "Leroy and Stitch" when Victoria wasn't looking.
277 Snooty
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