Vital statistics
Title experiment 120
Gender male
Race genetic experiment
Function designed to thwart the plans of the enemy
Health normal
Level ....
Status good
Location N/A
Experiment 120 (Snafu) is designed to mess up enemy plans. For example he messed up Gantu's plan to turn all experiments back to evil. This experiment is a paleish blue colour with 6 tentacles sticking out of his head. He was first seen in "Snafu" messing up Gantu's experiment capture plan, Lilo's training corse and her plans to free the experiments captured by Gantu. Since messing up plans was what he was designed for, he wasn't picky about whose plans he messes up. But due to him seeing how Angel meant so much to Stitch he cried and had a change of heart. Then instead of stopping Lilo's plan he re-calibrated Gantu's trap and trapped Gantu in a huge capture container. His one true place is as a mechanic working with Tank (586) and partly with Hammerface (033).


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