Lilo and Stitch Wiki
Vital statistics
Title experiment 089
Gender male
Race genetic experiment
Function designed to spend 10 years of life when a person presses the button you your head
Health normal
Level ....
Status good
Location N/A

A purple hourglass-shaped experiment with small eyes and a curvy body. Designed to skip time by 10 minutes, because Jumba was too impatient to wait for his microwave to reheat his leftovers. However, there was an error in his program: he skips time by ten years. Fortunately, he has a reset button. Lilo used him to jump ahead 10 years and become a 16 year old teenager, then 20 years later to become a full-fledged 26 year old adult. However, since Lilo and Stitch were gone for 20 years, no one was there to catch experiments except Gantu. So 20 years later, Hämsterviel ruled Earth. His one true place is as an amusement park ride showing people what it would be like in the future.