Vital statistics
Title experiment 113
Gender male
Race genetic experiment
Function designed to cause bad luck
Health normal
Level ....
Status good
Location making miniature golfers score holes-in-one

Experiment 113 (Shoe) is designed to cause good or bad luck .Shoe is a green experiment with a long face. It is shown that he likes cereal (or soup ,it was a liquid in a bowl) when Lilo and Stitch found him in the kitchen drinking out of a bowl. His pod colour is purple. You can change his bad luck magnet by turning the horse-shoe like shape on the back of his head rightside up. His one true place is helping people have good luck at a local minature golf course. Pleaky thought Lilo named him Shoe because of the horseshoe shape on the back of his head but Lilo apparently named him Shoe because he needs shoes since he dosn't have any (pretty much no experiments do).Lilo seems to name experiments for a reason that isn't ovious names for example Link, Poxy, Shoe and Felix.&nbsp


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