Scrump is Lilo's homemade rag doll. Lilo made Scrump herself and often has to give her "surgery" after she gets torn. She made her debut in Lilo & Stitch and was also seen throughout the franchise. In the Stitch! anime, it is shown that Lilo's daughter Ani inherited the doll.

Other Appearances


Scrump, alongside Stitch and Angel, appear in the UniBEARsity story OhanaBEARsity. After seeing Stitch reading the UniBEARsity storybook, he and Angel began making their own teddy bears based on their likeness. Scrump's teddy bear, named Pie, is based on her likeness.

Kingdom Hearts χ

Scrump makes a cameo as an ornament on the Christmas tree in the hub during the game's New Year celebration.

Disney Magical World

Scrump appears as one of the items in Scrooge McDuck's shop.


  • After Lilo picks Scrump up from the ground in the first film, Scrump can actually be seen smiling behind her back as Lilo walks down the hill.
  • Despite being an inanimate object, Scrump is treated as a living thing by Lilo (and actually was living when Phantasmo possessed the doll), who refers to the doll as a female. It could be that Scrump is Lilo's "security blanket".
    • Likewise, out-of-universe, Disney treats Scrump as a fictional character instead of just an object, even giving the doll a character page on shopDisney.
  • Various merchandise and promotional imagery show Scrump being with Stitch and without Lilo, even though he actually interacted with the doll very few times in the Lilo & Stitch canon.
    • In addition, while Stitch is often shown in such material to love Scrump, he was never shown in the actual canon to have ever truly liked the doll. He even called Scrump a "scary dolly" in the Lilo & Stitch: The Series episode "Phantasmo", albeit without knowing about Scrump's possession until later in the episode.
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