Sasha (named Sae in the original Japanese version) is a young Japanese girl who is Yuna's friend in the Stitch! anime series.


She is a young girl about Yuna's age who is introduced in the second season. A transfer student from Koube, she joins Yuna's class amidst the second season. She believes in good fashion and beauty, and is girly in spirit, often talking about fashion, love and all. She's also quite ditsy at times. She believes Yuna has a good fashion sense, and becomes good friends with her; as her fashion sense reminded her of her mother, a tropical fashion designer. Her father is a doctor. She not only has a rather brave personality, like Yuna; but she has a sweet and gentle personality too. Kouji/Kenny has a crush on Sae/Sasha, unbeknownst to her, and Piko/Penny secretly dislikes her, but believes that Sae/Sasha dresses better than she does.

Sae/Sasha is also known to have a brave side to her, as seen when she took the risk of falling into the pool to get Yuna's dress back. She always helped out when Yuna was in trouble, stood up to Gantu and even fooled him at one point, and was able to take down Pix, Slushy and Boomer. She never backs down from a fight, especially if it involves Stitch or Yuna's friends. She is very calm at times, and never gets mad.

She is voiced by Melissa Fahn in the English dub version.

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