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Zero s vessel the s s vira by phendraguardian-d4lc6hy

SS Vira

: 400m

Manufacturer: (Zero) Salvaged parts from the old lab and reinforced the structure with parts of enemy vessels.


Under heavy fire by phendraguardian-d4vherm

SS Vira under fire at Nectri Home world

Zero's ship he used when searching the galaxy for his old master. This is not what it looked like when initially built from the old lab, but is the finished product after salvaging parts from destroyed enemy vessels. The S.S. Vira is Zero's pride and joy, which he keeps even after landing on earth as a secret HQ for his security system set up accross the island.

Interior Features

  • Main Deck with planetary/vessel holoprojector, H-drive, map of charted galaxy, planetary scanner, and a wall to wall viewport
  • Captain's Quarters with 2 beds + full-ceiling window and security viewscreen station.
  • 30 Crew living spaces in the upper portion of the ship's spine.
  • 32 Escape Pods
  • 20 Hidden Plasma Turrets (can be manned or set to ai contril)
  • 10 Prison Cells
  • Medical/Experimental Labratory
  • Medical Wing
  • Ammunition Storage for new laser technology
  • Main Hanger with 4 dropships, 4 mechas, 10 tripods, 50 recreational vehicles, 24 garages and 31 Astro-class Combat Suits
  • Cargo Hold
  • hidden cargo hold (in rear fin)
  • Dance Hall/Entertainment Center with a large front viewing window.
  • Second entertainment hall in the bottom of the spine.
  • Documentation lab

Exterior Features

  •  External laser lights
  • Forward exterior lights
  • Massive forward viewport for entertainment center
  • Cloaking
  • Gravity lift into main hanger
  • shields x4, each is 2x as tollerable as the last
  • hologram (lasts 5 minutes)
  • Heat/plasma/laser resistant armour
  • Hidden superlaser in top of spine.
  • Two giant primary engines in the front with two secondary thrusters in the back.


  • The vessel both resembles and was inspired by general Grievous' Starfighter from star wars. However it is of a much greater size, possesses a smoother exterior and a violet colouration.

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