Vital statistics
Title experiment 513
Gender male
Race genetic experiment
Function designed to create earthquakes capable of dividing into two entire planets
Health normal
Level ....
Status good
Location His place is rocking a real milkshakes.

Physical Appearance

Richter is a small purple ankylosaurus-like creature, with a lavender stomach, a bulky body and legs, a huge tail with a triangle shape at the end, a round face with a wide mouth, a round nose, black eyes, short ears, a single horn on his head and tiny spikes down his back.

Primary Function

Designed to cause vicious, earth-shattering earthquakes with one thump of his tail or to shake smaller objects with his other limbs. Richter was specifically designed to find the weakest point on a continental plate to cause a massive earthquake that would split a planet in two.


To be encased in a sticky substance


  1. Lilo and Stitch: The Series: Season 1, Episode 2 (as the primary new cousin)
  2. Leroy and Stitch: (At the stadium after being captured by Leroy)


Voiced by Tress MacNeille, he is only capable of speaking Tantalog.

One True Place

Making milkshakes at a Nani's rental surf shop to replace the milkshake machine that Stitch broke.


  • He is named after the Richter scale
  • He is one of the experiments along with Yaarp (613), Yin (501) Yang (502), Kixx (601), Sparky (221), Cannonball (520), Topper, and Clip (177 ) that helped Lilo and Stitch's friendship mend when it was nearly destroyed.
  • In Season 1, Episode 1; he agrees to stop the first earthquake he made with a second in exchange for a large orange ball that Stitch possessed. He called it "boochi-boo", the same way Stitch and Angel refer to each other.
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