Reptilowolf (real name Chopsuey, the Experiment 621) is a reptilian werewolf species in Stitch and the World Friends. Reptilowolf closely resembles a reptilian Velociraptor with forked tongue and wolf-like ears.


Chopsuey is a slim green experiment that resembles Stitch. Chopsuey used to have a bitter hatred towards Stitch, but during the series, warms up to him as a friend. He is titular character who feels smothered by Stitch often saving him from danger. He is depicted as Angel's boyfriend, but Angel is usually turned off by his horrid, gross voice. However, while assigned to patrol duty on the swampy planet Canis Reptilus, is accidentally bitten by FOS-4268, a villainous vampiric reptilian experiment that resembles a reptilian version of Stitch, and feeds upon electric energy from other robots, and blue blood from other aliens; at the time, Chopsuey was attempting to save supporting character, Pleakley from FOS-4268's venomous bite. The bite penetrates Chopsuey, which, when exposed to the radiating light of Canis Reptilus, turns him into a reptilian werewolf that, like FOS-4268, feeds upon electric energy and blue blood.

Chopsuey's Reptilowolf appeared in two episodes of the TV anime series, Reptilowolf, and Age of the Monsters, with a cameo appearance in Love Angel, Happy Anniversary. Chopsuey was voiced by Steve Hytner.

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