Nani Pelekai

Bald nani.png

Nani wakes up, bald, in a lake. "NANI?!" She declares in confusion. A few feet away she sees her Aunt Reba and Uncle Hugh

"Aloha Reba"

"Howdy Nani" the red head returned, smiling. "Betcha wonderin' why you're stranded in a lake with no hair in your head." A laugh track plays. Nani looks around in confusion.

"Yeah," she says, "Last thing I remember is eating at Applebees."

"Now don't you go worrying a single bit sugarbooger" Her uncle Hugh spoke up.

"You're here because we need your help. It's the end times." A voice behind her boomed. Nani turned around to see...



He smirks. "You're bald because you're my clone, and all my clones need to be bald."

"Wtf haxx?"

"You're confused. Understandable. You were left in Hawaii years ago, out into a family with another clone joining you later. Unfortunately, that clone has been Norted-turned to darkness. Your sister Lilo is now Xolil, the Monster Master."

"Noooooo!" Nani cried, not knowing what the bell was going on or what norted is or why Obama was here of what even life was at this point.(edited)

" C'mon Nani, just smile!" Her boyfriend, Sonic the Hedgehog, showed up with a reassuring tone.

"Thanks babe" she replied to her spiky lover.

Sonic laughed "Now, let's get back to the base. Mighty will explain everything you've missed these last three years while in your drunken slumber in this lake."

Sonic grabbed Nanis hand and ran very fast. He was a fast. It was quick.

Now at the base, Obama spoke again.

"Nani, you're the chosen one, who is destined to find all 7 clones and bring them back. We lost Lilo, but the other 6, including you, are still out there. We need the 7 Obama's to fight against the thirteen norts."

"My son Jimbo is a clone but he's gone and disappeared on me again!" Hugh spoke again, more annoying than before.

"How did the world end...?" Nani asked.

"I'll tell ya." Mighty, an armadillo, approached.

He snapped a smirk toward Nani, and said

"The world ended because the Avatar failed to stop Lord Voldemort from acquiring the Regalia. Now he's riding around with three or his pals on a roadtrip to destroy all life. Also, he's a nort."

"So is the Avatar dead?" Nani asked

"Yeah. And the line of avatars has ended. Sooo we are kinda screwed without the seven clones."

"So you need me." Nani pondered. "But what can I do that the other clones cannot?"

Obama laughed


"You can use the 7 chaos emeralds AND the seven dragon balls at the same tkme."

"Not only that hotty," Sonic, her bodacious honey bunch, spoke again

"But you can also use the One Ring without getting corrupted. None of the other clones can do that. "

"So why can I?"

"Because ya dumby," Reba spoke, a laugh track beginning once more, "You're the first clone. The oldest one. The most perfect. All them resources 

Used on ya."

"Does a laugh track just play every time you speak"

"Yeah." Laugh track continues louder. "My husband died from the use of the one ring. I kept it safe." The laugh track roared louder with fits of laughter and giggling that overwhelmed nani.

Nani, with new resolve, gathered her will and shouted. 

"Okay, let's do this. Let's start with the Chaos Emeralds."

*To unlock the Chaos Emeralds storyline, please purchase the Expansion DLC, "Chaos Ensues"*

Nani laughed. Where to start looking for Emeralds? Her boyfriend told her about special stages a long time ago- the emeralds were summoned there as soon as they were misplaced.  But if you destroy the stages, you become the new special stage. Time to destroy.

Nani went to destroy the stage, but found herseld defeated instead and died. The end.

Jk she did it lol! Now she had to wait for the chaos emeralds to come to her aid. But how long would that take?

"Well I recken it could take a good minute" Reba said, the laugh track now filled with human remorse.

"Sugarbooger dont you worry none, those rocks will ve here in a jiff jiffy." Hugh spoke, smiling.

"Reba, you said you kept the Ring safe." Obama spoke again.

"Yes indeed. Somekne I trust has it. Her name ks Barbra Jean."


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