King Jingles, formerly known as Motor, the Experiment 830 that is a villainous, copper-colored version of Stitch with the same abilities, but he is turning into a white and black, reptilian experiment. In his human form resembles The Mad Hatter from Disney's 1951 film, Alice in Wonderland, he wore a purple, long sleeved vest with a orange shirt front. There were also two golden buttons on the back of the vest. He also wore poofy golden pants and purple slippers with gold sleigh bells at the tip that jingled whenever he moved frantically. The king's most notable feature, would be his tiny, golden crown that is usually slanted atop his large head. His alien form resembles a cross between a dinosaur and a koala. He's sort of Stitch's main antagonist. He has three fingers as opposed to Stitch who has four, his skin appears to be scaly like a crocodiles or alligators, but it is also soft and leatherly like that of an amphibians, a blackish/gray patches around his eyes, a blackish/gray patch running from under his chin down to his stomach, a black stripes on the back of his head as well as back, a yellow beaming reptilian eye, and a reptilian tail that drags on the ground.  


  • King Jingles bares a striking resemblance to The Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland
  • King Jingles also has some similarities to some of the villains from Pixar moves.
  • King Jingles is similar to Stinky Pete that his motivations are fueled by jealousy. When Motor got jealous of the new racing game, he decided to crash it. Stinky Pete was never played with as a toy and wanted Woody and Jessie to remain unplayed with as well.
  • He is similar to Chick Hicks that besides of both being accomplished racers, they also serve as "foils" for the heroes (of what they would've become if they didn't change their ways - Chick Hicks for Lightning McQueen and Motor for Stitch).
  • In a way, he is similar to Charles Muntz from Up that he gets very paranoid about other people and that he would do anything to stop the heroes from ruining their plans. Similar to how Muntz tries to open a shotgun at a child, King Jingles is willing to ram Angel into a wall. Their minions also reform at the end of the movie. Another similar thing that these two villains did involved offering a moral dilemna that involved a primary goal of the pain protagonist that both antagonists choose first. Carl from Up chose the house over saving Kevin, while Stitch chose the medal over Angel, although unlike Charles Muntz, King Jingles tried presenting the moral dilemna in a way that would save Angel's life.
  • King Jingles' true identity, Motor has a white and black skin like the one MetalTyrannomon has.
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