A grey pig-like experiment with bird-like wings and duck-like feet. Designed to give people "Melvin's" (a type of wedgie). When activated he was in a boxing ring in a water spitting bucket. He immediately "melivined" every wrestler in the ring and outside the ring. When Stitch heard about Melvin's sucess, he planned to have Lilo as his manager and challenge him in order to challenge him. Unfortunately, Gantu had the same idea and, with 625 as his manager, they duked it out to see who would manage to capture Melvin.

With Stitch winning, he sadly found out it was a tag-team battle next. With Melivn and Gantu against Stitch, he seemed to be outnumbered. Fortunately, he found a partner in the form of Kixx (601). Together, they both got rid of Gantu and beat Melvin. Realizing its not always about himself, Melvin resigned his title, speaks for the first time in the episode and says that though he is resigning, he will be training wrestlers from here on in.

His one true place is at the beginner's gym with Kixx (601) and Spats (397), training wrestlers different techniques.
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