Mecha Stitch is the evil robotic version of Stitch, created by Dr. Hamsterviel.


Mecha Stitch is a vicious and extremely aggressive and mischievous robot. He is very destructive and unfailingly loyal.


Mecha Stitch is a robot version of Stitch. His hands is silver, his midsection is silver with a black and red panel underneath his torso, black boots, black shoulder guards, and blue legs. His cheeks has silver disks.


Mecha Stitch has all the strength and powers of Stitch, along with rocket-powered flight via boot jets, and sword-like lades mounted in his forearms which retract when not in use. Like Stitch, he is able to change into a second form with four arms, two antennae, and thee spikes on his back. His eyes glow bright red when doing so and energy radiates off his body. He also has a powerful laser hidden inside one of his locks of hair. Mecha Stitch also has the ability to project a powerful force field around himself, shielding his from enemy attacks. In addition, Mecha Stitch still remembers and possesses his formidable martial arts skills. His is capable of using his claw-like fingers to slash opponents.

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