Vital statistics
Title experiment 225
Gender male
Race genetic experiment
Function designed to crush balls Uburnium in its massive jaws.
Health normal
Level ....
Status good
Location N/A
A light blue dinosaur-like experiment, with a huge mouth, with tiny horns above each nostril, 2 large ears, and a large body. Designed to crush orbs of precious Uburnium in his mouth, which Clip (177) was originally made to do, due to an error on Jumba's part, Uburnium being close to the word for hair on his planet. This mistake was fixed by switching it to it's laymen's terms (which, as it turned out, was simply helium; and on top of that, if combined with cobalt and barium, makes Uburnium). Jumba was also very tired when making Clip (177), so couldn't fix it to helium in time. When he was activated, his fate was almost like that of Truxx (006). You see he, like Truxx (006), he wasn't activated on Hawaii, but on a California cruise line, unseen because he held up near the boiler room, where few enter. It was in the episode "Sinker", and he snuck off the boat into a dormant volcano, where he was found by Lilo and Stitch a week later. His one true place is assisting the elderly by mashing up food at the local retirement home.
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