Kauai caper

Kauai Caper is a online game based on Lilo & Stitch.


Today is an important day in Hawaii. It is Lilo's birthday and everyone is trying to do something for her. Her best friend Stitch wants to throw a special birthday party but he does not really know how to do it. He would like to make her a birthday card or a cake and have some gifts for her but he needs a little bit of help for that. Be on his side in the Kauai Caper game and help him organize the best birthday party ever. In order to do that, find the clues on your way and collect all the items you can for making exchanges with the characters that appear. Move Stitch by pressing anywhere on the screen and talk with other persons by clicking on them. Make them give you the objects you need to prepare three gifts for Lilo before the time runs out. The first thing is a birthday card, the second is a hakulei crown and the third is a cake with candles. Using the mouse, you can even combine items to form new objects for the party. You will earn points if you find everything you need quickly. You will find also coconuts and other bonus surprises on the ground. Collect them all for extra points. Even if the time you have for creating everything is not much, do not worry. The time will stop when Stitch talks with other characters. Hurry up and prepare the best party for Lilo. She would love it and Stitch will be happy that he did it!

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