NOTE: The following is of fan made content and is not true to the original Lilo & Stitch storyline

Basic Info


EHC 09 aka Jolt


Experiment: E.H.C. (experimental heroic comrade) 09

Pod Colour: blue

Voiced By: Frank Welker   

Appearance: An average sized yellow experiment possessing:
-Blue spikes on his head and back
-A blue alien symbol on his left thigh
-A large yellow shell-like feature on his head
-Two antennae possessing a lightning bolt-like quality
-Pointed ears, each which possesses three triangular formations hanging from the bottom
-A green, oversized nose
-Yellow tinted eyes
-A tail with a plug-like formation on the end.

Prefered Instrument: Bagpipes


The first of the third batch of experiments which will all own small yet vital roles in the E.H.C. team; Jolt was created as both a living battery supply and a speedy messenger/scouting unit.


Super speed: Able to reach extreme speeds, Jolt has been known to circle the earth within a single minute, run on water, and even up vertical planes if enough speed is gained.
: As he runs he collects a high amount of static pressure that would have normally killed him if not for his blue spikes, which he can use to collect large amounts of energy and either fire it off like Sparky or become a living power source with his tail.
as an added bonus he can also lift up to 10x his own weight.


Slick surfaces, and locations that don’t give off static or are of a lower gravity. 


Not the brightest bulb in the bin, Jolt is quite hard headed and will rarely think twice before making an action. Combine that with super speed and a hyperactive mentality and you have a living time bomb.


  • Water: Though unfortunately for others, if he has collected any static before going into a shared body of water, you’re in for a big shocker.
  • Bugging people with the whole carpet static effect, but on a higher scale.
  • Racing against… well… anything really. He has yet to loose a race; even to a bullet.
  • Coffee (keep out of reach)
  • Staying up late
  • Pulling pranks while staying up late
  • Snacking on leftovers or whatever else he can find
  • Gnawing on objects
  •   Reality shows and romance films (though he keeps this a secret)


  • Having a prank backfire
  • Having to sit still for long periods of time
  • boredom
  • Radishes
  • Being the dress-up victim. Nexus and Scarlet tend to do this to him pretty often which is good news to Scythe who was their old toy.
  • Country music


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