250px-323 Hunkahunka.jpg
Vital statistics
Title experiment 323
Gender male
Race genetic experiment
Function designed to make people fall in love with a touch of his beak
Health normal
Level .....
Status good
Location N/A

Hunkahunka (Experiment 323) is designed to peck people, making them artificially fall in love with the next person they see. The effect is reversed by being sprayed with water. It is named after a lyric in the Elvis song "Burnin' Love," Lilo refers to him as a "Hunkahunka, Bird of Love." 323 was given to Dr. Hamsterviel, who fell in love with Gantu. Despite being in love with Gantu, Hamsterviel still insulted him like he would on a regular basis. He was rescued in the episode, "Snafu." His one true place is in a heart shaped birdhouse with the online/local dating services.

Physical Appearance

  • Hunkahunka is a small pink/purple hummingbird-like experiment with a large head, black eyes, dark pink and maroon feathers on his body, a long lavender beak, light pink belly and purple-tipped wings and tail.


  • Hunkahunka's pod color is white
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