223 Glitch
Vital statistics
Title experiment 223
Gender male
Race genetic experiment
Function designed to act as a computer virus and cause invaded the technology to connect their owners
Health normal
Level ....
Status good
Location the video game lilo
A bright green experiment with a round torso, pudgy arms and legs, a large round head with little mouth, round nose, dark green eyes, a small arrow-shaped mark above his face (In his episode, his marking was originally V-shaped) and two thin antennae that resembles a cross between Morpholomew (316) and Poxy (222). Designed to turn technology against its user by entering machines and making them malfunction, operating like a computer virus. Lilo tricked him into being downloaded into her video game. He was released as of Leroy and Stitch to help fight the Leroy clones. His one true place is Lilo's video game, rendering the games harder.
223 Glitch


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