570-Фрост Дай



A sky blue Stitch (626)-like experiment with black stripes and three spines on her back, two antennae on her head, eyelashes and rabbit-like ears designed to make it very icy outside.

She was first introduced in the Stitch and Experiments episode "Slushy's Girl" in which she and Slushy fell in love at first sight.

Her voice was supposed to be Meg Ryan but she was busy with her family so Idina Menzel best known for playing Queen Elsa from "Frozen" was suggested but she was busy with Frozen II so Dana Delany did the voice of her.

She is pretty shy, very playful, very sweet and a little cynical. She wanted to freeze the island and make her and Slushy and Ice King and Queen of the world but after Slushy showed her that family comes first rather than what you want, she decided to have a love relationship with Slushy. Her pod was activated in a puddle of Soda from Stitch and his friends watching a 20th anniversary screening of "Snow Day" when Slushy picked it up and later was attracted to her and her to him.

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