Twang 1
Vital statistics
Title Experiment 021
Gender Male (Acts Female when in its first form)
Race Genetic Experiment
Function Designed to increase its power and growth through sympathy he gets from others, growing with each sympathetic being, and changes shape accordingly.
Health Normal
Level Unknown
Status Neutralized (Started out bad yet acting innocent, then lost the sympathy of the city.)
Location Within a container, but where is uncertain.
Flute (Experiment 021) is designed to increase his power and growth through the sympathy he receives from others, growing with each sympathetic being, and changing form. He can play wind instruments, or at least the flute (hence the name, I don't know why some idiot called him Twang) and the harmonica, which was used to make others feel bad about her past life as a miner's daughter, a fabrication made to make more sympathy. He appears in Stitch!


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