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As you already know, this is the Lilo & Stitch Fan Fiction Wiki. That being said, the rest of the site already covers the canon material; here, on the other hand, will be the primary database for artists, writers, and other fans to share their creative work based off of the series.


Halt! Before proceeding with any activity from this point, please read the following rules for this division of the wiki:

  1. To make a main page for your fan content, follow the template guidelines shown here. Any categories that aren't needed can be removed. Other than your main page, how you make your page layouts is up to you for the rest of your content.
  2. To connect your content to this page, place a link to your main page below with your user name as the link (see below). Try to keep the names in alphabetical order please.
  3. DO NOT make any edits to other fan's pages. You wouldn't like it if somebody messed with your story, so try to respect theirs. If you do have a major issue with their grammar, methods, or content of a fan's page. Tell them on their talk page. If they do not subside to your request, speak to our Fan Content manager, Phendranaguardian
  4. DO NOT make any pages for other known fan artists without their permission. Not everyone wants to openly place their content in public sites. So unless they give you the okay, stick to your own fanfic.
  5. If your content features characters or locations with common names such as Spike or Scarlet, add either a last name, basic number, your user name or experiment number to the page name. Many people may have similarly named characters.
  6. Content must be related to the Lilo & Stitch franchise. Content for other franchises will be rejected. However, crossovers are permitted.
  7. If you have mature content in your writing, place a warning at the beginning of the content. Any images featuring mature content, rascism,etc are not permitted and will be removed
  8. If you need to contact an administrator for anything not covered here, please contact Lenopow.

Fan Content

The main pages for each fan and their stories, characters, etc. Explore other people's universes as you read the tales formed by these dedicated individuals.