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Vital statistics
Title experiment 177
Gender female
Race genetic experiment
Function Hair grows and eats the skin she eats
Health normal
Level ....
Status good
Location is in her own salon.

Physical Appearance

A small yellow ball of hair possessing two large blue eyes, two hands armed with long, sharp claws, and a tiny pink bow on her head.

Primary Function

Designed to eat Uburnium (an intergalatic fuel). However Uburnium is the word for hair in Jumba's language. So Clip ate all his hair making him nearly bald, which explains why he's so grouchy


Hair conditioner for wild unruly hair.


  1. Lilo & Stitch: The Series: Season 1, Episode 4 (as the primary new cousin)
  2. Leroy and Stitch (at the stadium after being captured by Leroy)
  3. Stitch and Experiments (various episodes)


Clip is voiced by April Winchell, who also voices The Hairdresser & Mrs. Edmonds. She mainly speaks with a series of laughing and purring sounds, though is completely able to understand english. For "Stitch and Experiments" she is voiced by Grey DeLisle and is able to speak English

One True Place

She is then a hairdresser at the Salon where she finds everyone their one true hairstyle. Clip has a tendency to go with recent "styles" and helps her friends by shredding any enemy's hair/clothes/fur to shreds.


  •  Lilo & Stitch find her outside the hair salon where she's eaten almost everyones hair. Lilo decides then to use her to punish Mertle for being self-centered. However instead of eating Mertle's hair she eats her mother's by mistake. Then she goes on a hair rampage eating all the hair on the island making her large. As Lilo, Stitch & Jumba try to capture her Lilo comes up with an idea and leads Clip to the salon. Lilo and Jumba spray her in conditioner which makes her small and tames her.
  •  Her favorite movies include "Hairspray" and "Tangled"