Lilo and Stitch Wiki


Physical Appearance

A pink experiment with purple markings, a big hippopotamus-like posterior, black eyes, a round nose, a wide mouth, short ears and short stubby tail that is slightly bigger than Stitch.

Primary Function

Designed to make big waves (or tsunamis). He "walks" by bouncing around on his butt.


Preventing him from reaching a source of water.


  1. Lilo & Stitch: The Series: Season 1: Episode 1 (as the primary new experiment)
  2. Lilo & Stitch: The Series: Season 1, Episode 13 (sliding into a wading pool at a party during the final scene)
  3. Leroy and Stitch (at the stadium after being captured by Leroy)
  4. Stitch and Experiments (a majority of the episodes)


Voiced by Tress MacNeille, he gives out a series of laughs wimpers, etc. The one word he seems to repeat when sighting a source of water is Namitoo (n-omi-too). Later by Justin Shenkarow for "Stitch and Experiments" and is able to speak English.

One True Place

His one true place is making waves for surfers.


  • Lilo and Stitch feared for Kauai because they think he is going to create an island-flooding tsunami, but it turns out that 520 can control his waves and creates one just big enough to send Gantu to San Francisco. 
  • He seems to also have some of Lilo's traits as being immature, but is very loyal to his friends.
  • He usually is considered to be so fat that he could step on a penny and snot could come out of Lincoln's nose.
  • His idols are Chris Farley, John Goodman, John Candy, John Belushi and Gabriel Iglesias.
  • He likes to surf and is also known to make some special effects in certain blockbuster movies.