Lilo and Stitch Wiki
Vital statistics
Title experiment 149
Gender female
Race genetic experiment
Function designed to work with Clyde (150) to steal things without the victim's knowledge.
Health normal
Level ....
Status good
Location with 150

Physical Appearance

Experiment 149 (Bonnie) is a green Stitch-like experiment with a large, rounded head featuring two predominate upper teeth, two orange/yellow tipped antennae, blue eyes, a small orange nose, gremlin-like ears and a boomerang-shaped marking on her forehead. Her body is of a more slender posture, featuring a blue stripe on each of her limbs.

Primary Function

Serving the same purpose as Clyde, she is designed to steal from people. Overall she seems to be the brains of the duo, making all the calls and even tricking Stitch and Lilo into helping them rob local areas.


Tends to disagree with her partner Clyde, leaves clues at a crime scene.


Lilo & stitch: The series: Season 1, Episode 34 (as one of the two primary new cousins)

Lilo & Stitch, The Series: Season 2, Episode 26 (helps free the experiments from gantu)

Leroy and Stitch (at the stadium durring the final conflict)

Stitch! (durring the season 2 opening)


Voiced by Tress MacNeille, Bonnie possesses an advanced level of basic English communication, even showcasing several slang terms in the process. She is also voiced by Nika Futterman for "Stitch and Experiments" maintaining that same mafia accent and even doing other accents.

One True Place

Unknown, currently serves jail time with Clyde and has gone through a rehabilitation group with Pleakley. So far her nature of crime, along with Clyde's seems to remain intact.


  • Though Bonnie and Clyde are parteners in crime, they tend to disagree on multiple occasions. Regardles, most fans believe that the two are more than just parteners in crime, as proven in Leroy and Stitch when Bonnie goes to Clyde's aid after he is injured in the battle.
  • Bonnie's favorite singer is P!nk.