250px-303 Amnesio
Vital statistics
Title experiment 303
Gender Male
Race genetic experiment
Function designed to clean the memories of those who zaps him in the eye with rays of his own.
Health normal
Level .....
Status good
Location Helping people with their memories

Physical Appearance

Amnesio is a beetle crossed with a fly. He has a pair of big blue eyes and is covered in an array of pink markings.

Primary Function

Amnesio has the power to make anyone lose their memory, this is initiated through eye contact. 


All memories can be restored by saying the password (Ohana) in Amnesio's presence. This was obviously developed after arriving to the island since Jumba has no knowledge of the word 'Ohana' when he was creating experiments.


Lilo & Stitch: The Series: Season 1, Episode (As the primary new cousin)

Leroy and Stitch (At the stadium after being captured by Leroy)

Stitch and Experiments (various episodes)


He didn't speak in the original series but on Stitch and Experiments she was going to be voiced by Debi Derryberry but after Yeardley Smith (better known as the voice of Lisa Simpson) auditioned, she caught the attention of casting director/producer Harry Shoemaker as well as voice directors Jamie Thomason and Andrea Romano so Smith was cast however Derryberry was cast as Bugby.

One True Place

Helping people get back their memories.


  • He was captured by Gantu in the episode "Amnesio", but was rescued by Lilo and Stitch in "Snafu".
  • When Amnesio flew around in several instances of his episode, the song "Flight of the Bumblebee" played.
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