262 Ace
Vital statistics
Title experiment 262
Gender male
Race genetic experiment
Function has no bad qualities for a minor accident in the laboratory of Jumba
Health normal
Level ....
Status good
Location as a superhero

Ace (Experiment 262) has no evil qualities due to a malfunction in Jumba's Lab. His one true place is to act as a superhero to the island. His number is the opposite of Stitch, and he has the opposite personality of Stitch.

Physical Appearance

Ace is a bright red, square-jawed, roughly koala/dragon/superhero-like experiment with a muscular body, yellow chest and stomach, a manly face, cocked eyebrow, white glove-like front paws, a wide mouth, a blue nose, dark eyes, pointed ears and small yellow-tipped antennae, as well as dazzling teeth.


  • Ace's pod color is yellow
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